The Kingship of Jesus, Any Given Sunday Project and NCYC

My ministry work has been primarily in the area of youth ministry.  I love seeing the fire and passion of a young church- they get me fired up!!  And this week, I have the opportunity to perform and speak at the National Catholic Youth Conference in Indianapolis which hosts over 23,000 of these young people. […]

You know what takes the “scary” out of Crossfit? Divine Mercy…

Crossfit scares me. Let me rephrase that… the stigma of Crossfit scares me.  A quick search on Pinterest for anything Crossfit will bring up anything from beautiful toughened up women, to mocking – and even crass and vulgar – statements like “Zumba?  B**** I do Crossfit.”  So not cool with that… (shout out to the […]

Get out of the way, Katie: Guest Post by Katie Prejean

173. One hundred and seventy three. One. Seven. Three. No matter how I type it out, the number stays the sameā€¦and no matter how closely I looked at the scale that day, that was the weight it was registering at the beginning of September, 2012.  I, Katie Prejean, weighed 173 pounds. It was the heaviest […]

Making Room for Prayer

 The alarm goes off.  Thanks to iOS7, its a nice little tinkling diddy, rousing me from a night’s precious sleep at 5am.   Yes, you read that right…5 am.   This is my daily prayer time.   This past year’s increased discipline for getting healthy has roused a yawning, stretching, awakening holistic form of discipline […]

Start: Fear ain’t nothin’ but a thang…

Hitting “Publish” on this post scares the bejeebers out of me. After 15 years of taking a national stage in Catholic youth ministry, raising 4 kids, making 3 CD’s, writing a bit for several publications/blogs, diving into the exciting and terrifying world of multi-parish youth ministry, and traveling the country speaking on the healing, peace […]