5 Favorite Things – Kitchen Toys for Healthy & Easy

The most common complaint I hear when it comes to preparing healthy meals for a family is the time it takes to accomplish it.  I get it.  Convenience is easier and unfortunately, we live in a culture that doesn’t often put the terms “healthy” and “convenient” together in the same sentence.  As a busy mother […]

My name is Joia… and I’m a Glutard

Wow.  Its took a long time to write this post.  Probably because of the holiday, and travel, and reeling in my newfound gluten-free-ness.   That’s right.  I’m officially gluten free.  4-evah. Right off the bat, I’m going to give you 3 reasons I am NOT giving up Gluten. 1.  Because its all the rage and […]

What I do and Why… (aka My Fitness Regime) + P90x3

Long time no post… I know I know!  I’ve been dealing with a number of curve balls in life of which I will writing about soon enough! I’m guessing by now you’ve figured out that I have some kind of “healthy agenda.”  If not, well, I need to work on making my writing a LOT […]

The Virtue of Fitness – My Guest Post on The Catholic Parent

This week, I had the incredible opportunity to be featured on the new Augustine Institute’s  YDisciple “offshoot:”  The Catholic Parent When I looked at the team of writers I have the opportunity to write alongside, I thought to myself:  “I could probably use their advice on parenting…” Seriously, seriously humbled… But all you parents or […]

The Kingship of Jesus, Any Given Sunday Project and NCYC

My ministry work has been primarily in the area of youth ministry.  I love seeing the fire and passion of a young church- they get me fired up!!  And this week, I have the opportunity to perform and speak at the National Catholic Youth Conference in Indianapolis which hosts over 23,000 of these young people. […]

Getting in the Habit – Guest Post by Gene Monterastelli

  According to the British newspaper The Daily Mail most people give up on their New Year’s Resolutions by Jan. 10th each year.  This is because until something becomes a habit we are depending on our willpower to make new choices. Willpower is really good for short-term choices like deciding to get out of the […]

St Alphonsus Liguori

You know what takes the “scary” out of Crossfit? Divine Mercy…

Crossfit scares me. Let me rephrase that… the stigma of Crossfit scares me.  A quick search on Pinterest for anything Crossfit will bring up anything from beautiful toughened up women, to mocking – and even crass and vulgar – statements like “Zumba?  B**** I do Crossfit.”  So not cool with that… (shout out to the […]

Lemon & Pepper Tuna Melt

 I really really like tuna melts.  The hubs and I used to make them on whole wheat bread, with mayo, a splash of vinegar, salt and pepper, broiled to perfection with gooey cheddar cheese.   And then… we got all healthy and stuff. Gooey cheddar, I seriously heart you, but alas you are (mostly) a […]

What Farmers Eat (and bonus Pepperplate review)

Pay attention, y’all… Eating healthy is 80% of a healthy lifestyle…fitness aside.   Eating healthy while managing a life, family, ministry, job seems, at times, to be almost as hard as me getting through a post without being slightly weird and snarky – which is, basically, impossible. If good, nutrient-dense, whole, lower-in-calorie foods are not […]