The Kingship of Jesus, Any Given Sunday Project and NCYC

My ministry work has been primarily in the area of youth ministry.  I love seeing the fire and passion of a young church- they get me fired up!!  And this week, I have the opportunity to perform and speak at the National Catholic Youth Conference in Indianapolis which hosts over 23,000 of these young people.  If you want to get fired up with me, you can catch some of the action on their website!  

This video is from 2009 when my friend Matt and I co-wrote the theme song that year.  I was 5 months pregnant and and trying to breathe!  My nerves could’ve had something to do with that as well… 

Also, I have the opportunity to be a regular contributor to an exciting project for that young church.  Any Given Sunday Project is a youth-friendly breakdown of each week’s readings.  I don’t know how I merited this week (Kingship of Jesus), but am excited to share this reflection.

May your week be blessed with wellness inside and out!




  1. Have fun at NCYC! My friends from Ruah Woods (TOB teaching center) will be there too! What a great few days you’ll have.

  2. Ingrid Borah says

    Joia, I’ve got to get some of your cd’s Thank you for this blogsite and THANK YOU for coming to the Healing of Families Seminar at St. Patrick’s. I would value your input on what we can do to carry this forward. Blessings. Ingrid