What I do and Why… (aka My Fitness Regime) + P90x3

For this photo:  You're Welcome.

For this photo: You’re Welcome.

Long time no post… I know I know!  I’ve been dealing with a number of curve balls in life of which I will writing about soon enough!

I’m guessing by now you’ve figured out that I have some kind of “healthy agenda.”  If not, well, I need to work on making my writing a LOT more clear.

I’m also guessing by now you’ve noticed the little logos just down this page on the right that say things like “Ultimate Reset” and “Shakeology” and things like that.  And you might have heard of a little company called Beachbody.  Maybe you’ve had good experiences with it, maybe bad, maybe it brings images of shirtless people to mind (sorry if that’s the case) or maybe you’ve never really heard of it.  So, I thought it would be important for you to understand how I came to utilize these programs in my own journey.  


Almost one year ago, I embarked on this crazy ride to health/fitness + increased spirituality through the two and have accomplished things I never dreamt (or even wanted) to accomplish.  It started in January 2013 through joining a Beachbody Facebook Challenge Group run by my friend (and Coach) Michelle.  My family had just learned that we were going to take a cruise in August, and the thought of wearing a swimsuit was positively dreadful.  So I signed up – COMPLETELY skeptical but willing to give it the ole “I’m still skeptical” try…  

Lo and behold, it actually stuck!  The accountability the group offered was huge for me, and was one of the motivating factors behind my success.  It progressed from there to the realization that working out during the week wasn’t going to work unless I completely revamped my diet.  I was a generally healthy eater, but never counted calories or gave them much of a second of thought, like, ever.  It simply interfered with my butter consumption.  I learned that eating healthy is 70% of success, and so I began using Shakeology – a meal replacement shake – thinking, “well, I have 30 days to back out of this.”  I know… super positive.  Anyhoo, my energy increased exponentially, breakfast was simplified and I noticed my body changing – hazzah!

And then I became a Beachbody Coach.  At first, just because I was trying to skim the budget to afford Shakeology, but as results started coming from all the work I was doing, friends started noticing and asking “What are you doing?”  

This is really how this site was born.  I wanted to help the people who want to do something, but are overwhelmed with the prospect of wading through a million sound bytes in the fitness world of what to do, how to do it, what to eat, why you should eat that, where to buy it, when would you do this… I’m exhausted just typing this.  Basically, the what, where, when, why and how of getting healthy.  I see these products as a tool for self-care – not a means for me to sell something to someone to get rich.  


One size definitely does not fit all when it comes to fitness.  I personally don’t jive with gyms.  I was a member of one for over 7 years and in that time I maybe went 20 times.  I would walk into that gym that smelled vaguely of sweat and desperation, instantly spy the frequent flyers who looked like they knew what they were doing and think to myself “I have no idea what I’m doing.”  Jump on the elliptical for 20 minutes, watch some Dr. Phil, and wish the entire time that I was somewhere else.  Those places have a lot of  mirrors, you know.  Let me be clear: I ain’t pretty when I work out.  I would rather do the workout thing in the privacy of my own home and think I look awesome… Kinda like this:





The other issue for me was time.  Get ready to go to the gym (which include 2 hours of talking myself into it), get to the gym, look around in aforementioned desperation, decide on the elliptical again, avoid the showers at all cost and drive home.  A huge time-suck.  Beachbody offered me the opportunity to leave that all behind and gave me the freedom to choose my fitness regime at my pace and slapped a super cool well-laid-out meal plan on it too.  Its not the end-all be-all of fitness for everyone, but for me, its a clear winner.

And now, as if they heard my whiny voice, they are coming out with more and more programs that are 30 minutes or less!  A work-at-home-for-3-different-things-mom kinda dream.  Focus T25 this past year and now this:  

Tony Horton is going REALLY fast in this photo... as you can see...

Tony Horton is going REALLY fast in this photo…                     as you can clearly see…

That’s right!  P90x3 – a clear leader in their programs – is coming out with 30 min workouts designed for a beginner or a novice.  The science behind this program – and other shorter programs is this:  

The most dramatic body transformations happen within the first 30 minutes of exercise. 

Heck yes!! Good news all you over-scheduled-but-want-to-get-your-rear-in-gear-people like me!  

Beginning tomorrow through December 31st, P90x3 + 30 day supply of Shakeology is the incredible holiday price of $180 + you get a sweet new P90x3 hat if you order through me! (see the links above and below for ordering info) I will also be starting up, and have a few spots available for, more Facebook Challenge Groups beginning in January.

So my friends… If you or someone you know is feeling a bit directionless in the pursuit of a new healthy lifestyle and have no idea where to begin, I would be humbled to walk this road with y’all…  

“Health is God’s great gift, and we must spend it entirely for Him. Our eyes should see only for God, our feet walk only for Him, our hands labor for Him alone; in short, our entire body should serve God while we still have the time. Then, when He shall take our health and we shall near our last day, our conscience will not reproach us for having misused it.”  – St. John Bosco