Get out of the way, Katie: Guest Post by Katie Prejean

173. One hundred and seventy three. One. Seven. Three. No matter how I type it out, the number stays the same…and no matter how closely I looked at the scale that day, that was the weight it was registering at the beginning of September, 2012.  I, Katie Prejean, weighed 173 pounds. It was the heaviest […]

The Quest to Quest: A Protein Bar Review

Here it is.  Yet another exciting review.  Or as I like to call it “Things-I-Am-Willing-To-Throw-My-Money-At-Or-Subject-Myself-To-So-You-Don’t-Have-To.”   Food = Fuel.  And if you want to battle the bulge, stay energized for workouts, have any sort of brain function or energy, then food is a necessary tool for all the aforementioned.  And the right foods at that… […]

What to Do When You’re Injured – Dr. Woodrow Hill – Guest Post

A Guest Post from Dr. Woodrow Hill of the Denver Sports Injury Center for your reading pleasure:  I’ve been very lucky throughout my life. I’ve played sports and been physically active since I was 5, and I’ve only been injured one time. When I was 22 years old, before my formal training, I injured my right quad […]

I Hurt Myself: How I Recovered in 10 Easy Steps

Me and my ice pack were really really good friends this past year.  More like, I was the crazy overbearing friend who couldn’t get enough of my friend, Ice Pack. It was a toxic relationship. You see, this past year, in my journey to fitness, I injured my lower back.  It was a nagging, tugging, […]

Making Room for Prayer

 The alarm goes off.  Thanks to iOS7, its a nice little tinkling diddy, rousing me from a night’s precious sleep at 5am.   Yes, you read that right…5 am.   This is my daily prayer time.   This past year’s increased discipline for getting healthy has roused a yawning, stretching, awakening holistic form of discipline […]

Love has a hem…

Too Much is Never Enough…

Not sure if you heard or not… but Colorado just had a bit of rain.   I would know… here was the park 2 blocks from my house.  And, here, on the drive to rescue my kids from their school so they wouldn’t have to stay the night in another part of town. And this…  Um, […]

Saturday Quote

FitBit and Me

This is the FitBit Flex.  This is the FitBit on my wrist.  Isn’t it a pretty little FitBit?  FitBit FitBit FitBit… so fun to say… Okay, enough.  I was annoying myself just there. I love me some technology.  I especially love it when I can utilize this technology to make my life easier, healthier and, […]

Slow Cooker Turkey & Summer Squash Marinara aka Attack of the Summer Squash

I grew a garden this year.   Yeah, I’ve done this thing “gardening” before.  I’ve always fancied myself a budding gardener (pun intended and sans overalls) but didn’t really apply myself until 2 summers ago, when we lived in Wyoming.   Yes. To answer the not-hip-to-the-awesomeness-of-Wyoming question, stuff grows there. But not for very long. […]